Environmental Engineering Services Waste Management Strategies

Sustainable and sound industrial design must always consider the long-term environmental effect of a facility on its surroundings. The goal of our specialists is to achieve this harmony with elegant solutions that will also yield a competitive commercial operation.

To complement our process expertise, clients can benefit from Sedgman Novopro’s know-how in environmental engineering as applied to metallurgical and inorganic chemical plants. Process simulation in combination with laboratory test work is used to optimize processes and reduce solid waste as well as liquid effluents. Process heat recovery is used as an internal means of energy optimization, including integrated cogeneration schemes for maximisation of energy efficiency. Other areas of expertise are capabilities in waste characterization, minimization and management, leading to overall sound waste management strategies.

Environmental audits and risk analyses studies may also be performed. Environmental and social impact assessments and statements (ESIA’s) will be essential to the client in identifying risks and potential impacts of a project. ESIA’s can be further instrumental in:

  • Understanding corporate responsibilities regarding project-related environmental concerns
  • Evaluating regulatory compliance of projected process operations
  • Assessing the overall environmental viability and sustainability of a project
  • Planning mitigation measures and technological alternatives to improve plant performance and acceptability within well-defined environmental parameters
  • Anticipating the impact of stated environmental government policies