For projects in the mining and metallurgy sector, technological development and adaptation for the main processes are required, based on the local raw materials available, power source, and conditions specific to the project site. A sound knowledge of the major players, pier projects, technologies and equipment available are essential in ensuring that the design of the production plants and facilities are cost-effective and reliable.

Through years of experience, engineers at Novopro have acquired the knowledge and expertise necessary to effectively carry out projects in all of their phases as a result of participation in the following fields:

  • Mining & Metallurgy
  • Conventional underground mining and brine recovery
  • Solution Mining
  • Potash Production and Compaction
  • Recovery of Oxides
  • Magnesium Metal Processing
  • Primary Metal Production
  • Metal Purification and Casting
  • Material Storage and Handling
  • Steam and Power Plants
  • Tailing Handling and Treatment
Expertise In Mining, Metallurgy, Solution Mining, Potash

Solution Mining

Over the years, Novopro has gained in-depth Solution Mining know how after being involved in multiple projects worldwide, with projects ranging from greenfield development to brownfield expansions. With this, our engineers have acquired the knowledge and expertise necessary to effectively carry out solution mining projects, including the above ground infrastructure and the associated processing requirements.

Developing a successful Solution Mining operation involves a number of specialized field of activities, including the development of the exploration campaign, core recovery, sampling programs for geochemical assays, core logging, geophysical surveys and borehole geophysics. Our engineers apply the best practices used in the industry to develop solution mining concepts for single, double and multi-well operations, and the associated well drilling and casing programs.

The execution of testwork programs consisting of dissolution testing, rock mechanical testing cavern modeling and temperature modelling are of great importance for production cavern planning to optimize the brine grade and recovery, and to select the mining method, such as hot/cold/ambient selective or non-selective leaching. With the definition of brine production rates from the well field and the surface infrastructure design, the operating methodology is established. Our in-house specialists and associated experts in the field provide the client with an integrated solution mining program from the first exploration well to an operational the well field, while minimizing the project risks and optimizing the Capital Cost expenditures.