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Core Testing

Sedgman Novopro owns and operates in-house proprietary laboratory for core dissolution testing. Core testing can produce site-specific brines for further processing test-work, determine brine composition estimates and define project-specific mining parameters.

Dissolution testing allows for the prediction of the brine grade using a combination of core dissolution results and a review of in-house data for similar projects. The test data results have been verified with pilot and commercial plant data and have proven to be accurate.

    Sedgman Novopro's capabilities include:

  • Core sample selection
  • Sample preparation
  • Dissolution kinetics testing at various temperatures
  • Analysis of blocking and masking of the dissolution surface
  • Calculation of the insolubles content
  • Evaluation of dissolution residue behavior and impact on the solution mining operation
  • Chemical brine composition
  • Calculation of brine composition
  • Technical report compiling all information above, as well as conclusions and recommendations
  • Photo documentation of dissolution tests

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing

Sedgman Novopro can scope, design, implement and analyse the necessary laboratory testwork programs to optimize and validate the process design.

Laboratory testing

Our tailored bench-scale testwork programs have been crucial for projects lacking in process design and validity. These programs cater to the specific needs and objectives of the project and are typically used to further define the preliminary process development and generate process data.