Novopro has a broad network of mineral testwork and processing expertise, with the capacity to perform both bench-scale and pilot-scale testwork. Mineral Processing design is performed by running two separate activities in parallel, the execution of the Testwork program, and process design modelling. A preliminary process model is created to provide the basis for the processing techniques and circuits to be used as a basis of the testwork program, and what and what data is collected and how. The results from the testwork program is used to update, optimize and validate the flowsheet for each unit operation.

Testwork and modeling play an integral part of the process design in order to validate accurate process parameters, and the configuration of the key process equipment. Our philosophy is to conduct testwork programs in conjunction with subject experts to add design and operational expertise into each unit operation, and ensure that each area is functional in the overall process as a whole.

Testwork results feed an overall process model, which provides the mass and heat balance of the project from ore recovery to the shipping of the final product. The list below provides a brief description of Novopro’s testwork expertise:

  • Chemical & Mineral Analyses including QEMSCAN
  • Granulometric Analysis
  • Comminution Circuit Testing and Design
  • Flotation Testing & Circuit Configuration
  • Heap Leaching and Tank Leaching
  • Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning
  • Sintering, Smelting and Purification
  • Gravity Separation Testing
  • Sizing Classification & De-Sliming
  • Reactor Testing & Design
  • Settler & Filter Testing & Design
  • Hydrometallurgical Testing Programs
  • Pyrometallurgical Test Programs
  • Product Quality and Integrity Testing
  • Corrosion Testwork
Expertise In Mineral Processing Potash, Soda Ash, Lithium and Ore

Potash and Soda Ash

The nature of the potash and soda ash industries require that new processes be developed and that existing technologies be adapted, based on local raw materials and site conditions. A sound knowledge of the major players with regards to available technologies and related equipment is also essential in designing production plant’s that are cost effective and reliable.

Through years of experience, the engineers at Novopro have acquired the knowledge and expertise necessary to effectively carry out potash & soda ash related projects in all of their phases ranging from project development to commissioning, start up and operation.

Experience has provided Novopro with detailed design capabilities for specialized equipment within the areas such as solution mining, stripping, crystallization, solid liquid separation, drying processes, compaction, storage and shipping. The integration of these areas within one plant site allows for the optimization of the plant area, water consumption, as well as steam and power generation with cogeneration systems.

This expertise is readily available within the team at Novopro which possesses the specific skills to address specific industry issues including the chemical and physical quality control of the end product, monitoring within the purification process, and the drying and compaction circuit. Other specific industry issues such as material handling within the plant, the associated storage equipment and building, as well as corrosion protection due to the aggressive nature of the product can also be addressed.

Given the involvement of Novopro in development activities within the potash and soda ash industry, the requirements for the resource estimation and reporting, as well as specific requirements for project financing is well understood and specific tools developed.

Expertise In Mineral Processing Potash, Soda Ash, Lithium and Ore


Novopro has participated in a number of projects that looked to recover Lithium directly from ore bodies, as value added minerals from tailings piles or waste brine streams of operating facilities, with an ultimate goal to produce both Li2CO3 or LiOH. With this, Novopro has developed expertise in;

  • Ore Recovery – From both conventional underground and surface mining, as well as brine recovery from surface lakes, trenches and wells developed in Playas, and from solution mining directly in the ore body.
  • Crushing – Crushing and grinding of recovered ore is featured in all of our conventional mining projects, with optimization based upon the abrasion index, crusher and grind work index, and the physical properties required by the process.
  • Leaching – We have designed and tested multiple leaching configurations for several projects in order to establish the concentration, retention time, and temperature of the leachate to optimize the recovery of lithium.
  • Purification – Multi-stage purification processes such as reacting the solution with lime to remove calcium and magnesium, NaOH and Na2CO3 addition to precipitate Mg/Mn/Ca minerals, and the use of Ion Exchange. . Novopro has extensive experience in both testing and modeling all types of leach reactors, and experience with Ion Exchange technologies.
  • Evaporation – To increase the concentration of lithium in brines, Novopro possesses an in-depth knowledge of evaporation circuit design and optimization, with numerous trade-off studies completed between forced evaporation MVR, MEE and evaporation ponds the solution undergoes an evaporation step.
  • Solid-Liquid Separation – The removal of solids from liquids in lithium processes can sometimes be complex. Novopro has designed and tested processing circuits with complex solid-liquid separation challenges including fine particles sizes and hydrated minerals as by-products.
  • Mass Balance Modeling/Testing – Novopro has designed mass balances that contain complex chemistry using state of the art computer models for both ponds and process. Additionally, these models have been used to guide laboratory testing to confirm both process parameters and equilibrium data. Certain applications require the development of pilot scale testing programs, with which Novopro's expertise was critical.
Expertise In Mineral Processing Potash, Soda Ash, Lithium and Ore


Novopro is a trusted partner to carry gold projects from exploration to production. We provide a comprehensive description of the deposit, its variability within the ore body, with the development and implementation of the ideal process and workflow. We provide process design, process optimization, commissioning support, project auditing, and training solutions.

We have optimizing flowsheets and processes for operating companies, performed brownfield expansions, and taken greenfield projects from small conceptual studies up to completion.

Novopro experts have been involved in metallurgical test work program planning, data interpretation, process development, Engineering design, risk analysis, installation and commissioning, auditing and project optimization including refractory and double refractory gold ores.

Novopro offers a variety of services for gold projects, including:

  • Chemical & Mineral Analyses including QEMSCAN
  • Geochemical analysis and applied Mineralogy
  • Gold deportment studies
  • Resource estimation
  • Geometallurgy
  • Preparation of test work programs and ore sampling strategies
  • Metallurgical test work management (Bench and Pilot scale)
  • Test work programs aligned with NI43-101 and JORC reporting requirements
  • Metallurgical Bench-scale and pilot plant testing
    • Comminution
    • Gravity separation
    • Flotation
    • Cyanidation, Carbon-in-Leach (CIL), Carbon-in-Pulp (CIP)
    • Oxidation methods
  • Mineral Processing and metallurgical flowsheet development
  • Technical audits
  • Due diligence review
  • Basic and detailed engineering
  • Economic trade-off studies and quantitative risk analysis
  • Process modelling and simulation
  • Project management
  • Commissioning and optimization
Expertise In Mineral Processing Potash, Soda Ash, Lithium and Ore


Novopro has participated in multiple projects in order to produce copper concentrate and copper cathode from the extracted ore. We have detailed expertise in:

  • Mining – Including basic geological work and exploration campaigns, mine planning optimization, open pit slope stability and design, in-pit crushing, surface infrastructure, waste dump stacking and logistic studies, as well as integrating social and environmental studies.
  • Crushing and Grinding – Crushing and grinding of extracted ore is featured in all of our conventional mining projects, with optimization based upon the abrasion index, crusher and grind work index, and the physical properties.
  • Flotation – We have designed and tested multiple flotation configurations for copper sulfide ores in several different labs in order to establish the liberation size, reagent concentration and consumption, and the retention time to maximize the grade and recovery of the copper.
  • Dewatering and Leaching – We have designed and tested multiple thickening, filtering and leaching configurations for copper concentrate, as well as leaching configurations for oxidized copper ores.
  • Solvent Extraction/ Electrowinning – The solution from leaching stage is sent through solvent extraction and electrowinning stages. The idea is to further upgrade the copper content in the carrier solution and then extract the Cu content to produce pure copper on the cathode. We have extensive experience in testing and design of solvent extraction systems and electrowinning.
Expertise In Mineral Processing Potash, Soda Ash, Lithium and Ore

Zinc and Lead

The participation of the Novopro team in numerous projects, both in international and domestic markets, has allowed the company to acquire knowledge and expertise in the pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical-based flow sheets for zinc and lead production. The combination of process design together with mining expertise can provide for a team that is able to design the mine / plant for most efficient and cost effective choices in terms of ore grade and as related to processing plant design. The experience in both process modelling and large amount of in-house cost data provides for a sound basis to perform trade off studies and make the right mining / process selections for each site.

Due to their involvement in zinc and lead projects, Novopro has developed surface mining expertise, which include the following specific fields and aspects:

  • Basic Geological Work and Exploration Campaigns
  • Mine Planning Optimization
  • Open Pit Slope Stability and Desigm
  • In Pit Crushing
  • Surface Infrastructure
  • Processing Plant Design
  • Waste Dump Stacking
  • Logistic Studies
  • Social and Environmental Studies
Expertise In Mineral Processing Potash, Soda Ash, Lithium and Ore

Iron Ore

With the technical expertise and experience of the engineering staff in the field of iron ore extraction and processing from hematite or magnetite deposits, Novopro has been invited in the past to integrate the Owner’s project team in the function of engineering representative. Such mandate can typically involve representing the Owner and interfacing with the EPCM contractor in the following functions:

  • Engineering management
  • Main engineering disciplines leads and interfaces:
    • Process
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical
    • Instrumentation and Controls
    • Concrete
    • Structural
    • Civil