Expertise Pond And Tailing Management For Disposing Of Tailings

Evaporation and Crystallization ponds are featured in multiple Novopro projects in order to generate intermediate products from various resources. The pond designs and optimization based upon local conditions is a key driver for process optimization at Novopro. Extensive trade-offs have been conducted to control when and where specific species of salts precipitate, while minimizing the evaporation and earthworks required. The harvesting techniques, either wet or dry, are optimized, as well as brine entrainment and leakage losses and methods of handling tailings generated during pond the operations in order to reduce the Capital and Operating costs.

Through the course of many different projects, Novopro has developed a method for efficiently disposing or storing solid and liquid tailings. Depending on the process, alternate solutions can be put forth to maximize efficiency and minimize costs to the project. Potential recovery of minerals with value from tailings streams is always considered in Novopro’s designs. Extensive Trade-Off Studies have been conducted in order to determine the extent of recovery that can be economically achieved, with best practices developed and optimized over time, and across different projects.