Through years of experience, engineers at Sedgman Novopro have acquired the knowledge and expertise necessary to effectively carry out potash-related projects in all of their phases. Sedgman Novopro possesses detailed design capabilities for specialized equipment within areas such as playa brine recovery, solution mining, conversion, flotation, crystallization, compaction, storage, and shipping sectors. The integration of these sectors with one plant site allows the optimization of plant area, water consumption, and steam and power use. This expertise is readily available within personnel with specific skills to address industry specific issues including product chemical and physical quality control, and monitoring within the purification, drying and compaction- granulation circuit if required. Other specific industry specific issues such as material storage, and handling within the plant and the storage building as well as corrosion protection due to the corrosive nature of the product, are also well understood.

Given the involvement of Sedgman Novopro in development activities within the potash industry, the requirements for the resource estimation and reporting, as well as specific requirements for project financing is available and application-specific tools developed.

Sedgman Novopro’s technical capabilities include:

  • Process provider selection and negotiations
  • Hot and Cold leach plant development
  • Crystallization plant design in cooperation with crystallizer manufacturers
  • Compaction plant design and key equipment selection
  • Storage area and ship loading area design, with cooperation with key equipment suppliers
  • Development of cost models for capital and operating expenditures
  • Bench marking of cost models as compared to other existing projects
  • Process design including mass and energy balance model
  • Design of specialized process equipment
  • Safety requirements as well as HAZOP reviews
  • Tank farm design
  • Greenhouse gas and carbon benchmarking