Expertise In Light Metals And Magnesium Metal Related Projects


The nature of the magnesium industry requires that new processes be developed and that existing technologies be adapted, based on local raw materials and conditions. A sound knowledge of the major players with regards to available technologies and related equipment is also essential.

Through years of experience, the engineers at Novopro have acquired the knowledge and expertise necessary to effectively carry out magnesium metal related projects in all of their phases.

Experience has provided Novopro with detailed design capabilities for specialized equipment, such as chlorination units, fluid bed dryers, casting furnaces, molten metal pumps, and high current bus bars. This kind of expertise is usually not available within engineering firms and frequently has to be acquired through specialized consultants or vendors.

Novopro’s team has identified the majority of relevant equipment suppliers in the magnesium sector and is well aware of their performances. This is essential in all stages of a project with regards to qualification of contractors and vendors.