Iron ore demand is at an all-time high and global output continues to grow. Now more than ever, lower grade iron ore deposits are mineable and producers must constantly strive to expansion and optimization to achieve higher profit margins.

Sedgman Novopro possesses the necessary knowledge and expertise within the Iron Ore industry to provide their clients with an integrated iron-ore value chain solution while minimizing the project risks and optimizing the capital and operating expenditures. We have hands on experience with various expertise from mining through to crushing, grinding and beneficiation by gravity, magnetic, or heavy media separation. Followed by flotation and filtering to downstream processing, such as pelletizing and sintering.

Sedgman Novopro’s team has worked on several industrial projects in Iron Ore, ranging from mining, mineral processing to pelletizing and steelmaking. This project experience was gained on the different types of Iron minerals including magnetite and hematite, and on the different stages of the project, from scoping studies and conceptual design, through to detailed design, construction supervision, start-up and commissioning of a new processing plant, as well as optimization within existing operations.

Sedgman Novopro’s Iron Ore processing expertise involves the following specific fields and aspects:

  • Mine planning development and optimization
  • Reserve estimation and Exploration programs
  • Representative sample(s) definition
  • Bench and pilot-scale testwork
  • Process flowsheet development and optimization
  • Optimization study within existing operation
  • Magnetic and gravity separation
  • Sulfur and phosphor flotation
  • Dewatering and tailing management
  • Pelletizing and Sintering
  • Bulk materials handling
  • Social and Environmental Studies