Copper, Zinc and Lead

Climatic changes and GHG challenges for the world today have no choice but to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and electrification is an important part of the solution, dictating global demand and price ramp up for base metals such as copper, zinc and lead. These would lead industries for seeking the novel technology to overcome with mining and metallurgical complexities.

The participation of the Sedgman Novopro team, consists of geology, mining and extractive metallurgy experts, in numerous projects, both in international and domestic markets, has allowed the company to acquire knowledge and expertise in multiple projects from mining to mineral processing, in the pyrometallurgical and hydrometallurgical-based flow sheets for copper, zinc and lead production.

The combination of process design together with mining expertise can provide for a team that is able to design the mine / plant for most efficient and cost effective choices in terms of ore grade and as related to processing plant design. The experience in both process modelling and large amount of in-house cost data provides for a sound basis to perform trade off studies and make the right mining / process selections for each site.

We have detailed expertise in:

  • Mining

    Our capabilities in mine development and geological services supports an integrated approach for basic geological work and exploration campaigns, mine planning optimization, open pit slope stability and design, in-pit crushing, waste dump stacking, equipment selection and cost analysis as well as integrating social and environmental studies.

  • Process Modelling

    Our modelling capabilities, with continuous feedback loop between modelling and testwork, allows us to identify sensitivities to the process, as well as weak points within the design for an adaptable process design, which can input new data as it is modified.

    This process modelling provides process data outputs through the various scenarios, allowing for value engineering and cost-benefit decisions to be made to meet sustainable goals and reduction in water and energy usage and less waste and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Crushing and Grinding

    Crushing and grinding of extracted ore is featured in all of our conventional mining projects, with optimization based upon the abrasion index, crusher and grind work index, and the physical properties. We utilize modern technology from flow sheet development, modeling, optimization and design of circuits through to selecting and sizing the equipment and applying monitoring and control systems.

  • Flotation

    Sedgman Novopro has a comprehensive range of skills in flotation circuits consists of all types of conventional, column, and novel flotation equipment. We have designed and tested multiple flotation configurations for sulfide ores in several different labs in order to establish the liberation size, reagent concentration and consumption, and the retention time to maximize the metal grade and recovery.

  • Oxide ore leaching and modeling

    Our experts have customized various tank, vat and heap-leaching designs, modeling and process improvements to optimize metal recovery. We have designed and tested multiple thickening, filtering and leaching configurations for copper concentrate, as well as leaching configurations for oxidized ores.

  • Solvent Extraction/ Electrowinning

    The solution from leaching stage is sent through solvent extraction and electrowinning stages. The idea is to further upgrade the copper content in the carrier solution and then extract the Cu content to produce pure copper on the cathode. We have extensive experience in testing and design of solvent extraction systems and electrowinning.

  • Extractive Metallurgy; Oxide Recovery using Carbothermic Process

    Sedgman Novopro carries specific know-how and experience of carbothermic reduction technology, volatilization and re-condensation method related to recovery and beneficiation of low-grade zinc oxide ore and similar projects using the characteristic of high volatility of zinc, lead, silver and similar metals.

    The process makes use of ore’s relatively high volatility to separate from other metals and minerals using the carbothermic reduction process within the Waelz kiln. The resulting ore oxides are condensed within a custom condenser and collected in a conventional dust collector.