Sustainability By Design

Projects in the Industrial and in particular mining and metallurgical space are at times burdened by less than ideal legacy of environmental and social impact management, based on performance of past projects. This issue has come about as a result of poor choices made in the development phases of projects on subjects including site selection, choice of mining and processing technologies, energy consumption and conversion and finally method of handling effluents and tailings.

Novopro’s methodology to deal with this issue is to use risk based development approach to facilitate the team to perform activities to generate the data needed for sound decisions to be made with a thorough understanding of their impacts on economic viability as well as environmental and social sustainability. Furthermore innovative and Best Available Technologies are utilised to ensure projects developed and implemented are meeting social and environmental sustainability standards as provided by IFC guidelines. Examples of impacts of such an approach are the following:

  • Reduction of energy consumption, including CO2 emissions
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Reduction of waste generated
  • Utilization of local labour force by application of tailored designed training programs, reducing the need to import labour
  • Use of modularization to reduce construction time and site hours, reducing numbers of people during construction

In every case the above techniques can lead to both a more sustainable but also more economical outcome. This means that sustainability and economical viability can be both achieved.