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Being involved in a variety of roles spanning the project lifecycle has provided NOVOPRO with the expertise to effectively navigate through the specific requirements of each project phase.

Whether it be project inception and scoping or construction and start-up, we can assist in the development to help employ an efficient strategy and de-risk the project while ensuring the project goals are achieved.


With many years of relevant experience Novopro is a leading consultant in the Fertilizer space helping many clients with project development and implementation services. The teams’ understanding of the underlying technical and commercial requirements provides for focused and specific know how to serve de-risk and realize any project in this field. Related Projects

Sevier Playa Potash

Crystal Peak Minerals

Sevier Playa Potash Project aims for the production of 300,000 metric tonnes of Sulfate of Potash (SOP) per year utilizing the salt-rich brine of the Sevier Lake Playa

Dead Sea Operation

Arab Potash Corporation

The Arab Potash Company Plant located at Safi features Solar Evaporation pond systems at the south of the Dead Sea, with the area of the Ponds totaling 111.5 km2

Kanga Potash

Sarmin Minerals Exploration Inc.

Located in the Republic of Congo near the port of Pointe-Noire, the Kanga Potash Project utilizes solution mining technology with a crystallization and compaction plant to produce Muriate of Potash (MOP)

Alkali Metals

Novopro has supported their clients in developing numerous alkali metal projects, including flowsheet development, process testwork, project and plant design and plant modelling and optimization. Related Projects

Kazan Soda Ash

Ciner Holdings

The Kazan Soda project involves the construction of a new Dense Soda Ash and Sodium Bicarbonate Process Plant in the Kazan Province of Turkey, approximately 35 km North-West of Ankara

Calcium Chloride Production


The Calcium Chloride Production Project at Khur-Biabanak Potash Plant is designed to produce 30,000 metric tons per year of Anhydrous Calcium Chloride and is located at 25 km east of the city of Khur on the road connecting Khur and Tabas

Pozuelos - Pastos Grandes

LSC Lithium

The Pozuelos and Pastos Grandes Project in Salta, Argentina and features brine extraction from Salar de Pozuelos and Salar de Pastos Grandes, and processing facility for the production of 20,000 tons per annum of Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate

Light Metals

Novopro possesses world renowned know-how on the processing and generation of Light metals. Past experience in multiple projects for Magnesium have allowed Novopro to possess world class processing experience both for design and operations of magnesium plants. Related Projects

Magnesium Recycling Plant

Remag Alloys B.V.

The Magnesium Recycling Plant project involved the development, planning, coordination, design, construction, and start‐up of a magnesium alloy production and recycling facility using state‐of‐the‐art magnesium metal melting and purification technology

Guinea Bauxite

Emirates Global Alumina

The Guinea Bauxite Project is located in Safi, Republic of Guinea and featured the design and construction of the load car unloading pit and mechanisms


Minmet Financing

The Rusmag Project located in the Sverdlovsk region of the Ural, features a magnesium and purified silica production facility that utilizes abundant raw materials which exist in the region in the form of magnesium silicate

Base and Precious Metals

Novopro has been involved in multiple Base and Precious Metals projects. From extraction to crushing, preliminary processing and concentration all the way to final product, the Novopro team has gained experience through the development of multiple projects. Testwork confirmation and process design are integral to the method used for project design and implementation. The team’s experience and know-how allow NOVOPRO to bring value to clients throughout the world. Related Projects

GMH Copper Processing Facility

Quadra Mining Corp.

The Project involved the investigation to bring GMH Copper Processing Facility, which was constructed and started up in 2006, and operated until 2009, back into operation as well as increase nameplate capacity

Bongará Zinc-Oxide

Zinc One

The Bongará Zinc-Oxide Project located in the Amazonas Department of North-Central Peru. Bongará is a Mississippi Valley Type (MVT) base metal deposit characterized by high-grade zinc with associated lead and silver mineralization that is potentially at or close to the surface

Anjerd Gold/Copper Mine

MehrAsl Mining Corp.

Anjerd Copper/Gold Mine Project located in Iran features the exploration of 100,000,000 tonnes Geological Resource and production of high grade Copper/Gold Porphyry Ore @ 1% Cu and 1.65 ppm Au

Fine Chemicals

The personnel at Novopro have participated in numerous projects in the life sciences sector, including pharmaceutical, radiopharmaceutical, medical devices, and laboratories, with involvement in scoping studies, the preparation of basis of design documents, detailed design, construction management, commissioning, process, and facility validation. Related Projects

Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta’s brownfield project featured the re-purposing of an existing building structure into a 40,000-ft2 high-level radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facility which included a 2,000-ft2 cyclotron bunker

Radiopharmaceutical Laboratories

Jubilant DraxImage Inc.

The Radiopharmaceutical Laboratories Project for Jubilant DraxImage Inc. located in Montreal, Quebec featured a 20,000 square ft high level radiopharmaceutical production laboratory within an existing warehouse area for the preparation of imaging radioisotopes

Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

University of Saskatchewan

The University of Saskatchewan’s radiopharmaceutical manufacturing facility project featured a new cyclotron bunker with a FDG manufacturing facility as an extension onto an existing building, with future Tc99m manufacturing areas and PET/CT suites

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