Process Development, Modelling and Testing

NOVOPRO’s core knowhow is based on development of processes to achieve optimised recovery, grade and economic performance in the fields of mining, metals and mineral processing. To aid this Novopro utilised proprietary modelling and testing techniques to obtain the main parameters required for design and impacting process recovery and economics.

NOVOPRO’s modelling capacity allows their engineers to extrapolate the necessary data from test work to identify sensitivities to the process, as well as weak points within the design. Such analysis allows for a continuous feedback loop between modelling and test work until the true picture is revealed.

NOVOPRO has in-house laboratory capabilities for testing and when needed collaborated with reputable laboratories to perform extensive bench scale test work to simulate field conditions and generate samples for technical and marketing needs.

NOVOPRO’s capabilities extend into tailored pilot programs as they have been involved in the planning, installation, commissioning, operation, analysis and optimization of multiple pilot test work programs for both Processing Plants and Ponds.

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