Dallol Arial PhotoLocated in North-Eastern Ethiopia, the Yara Dallol Potash Project involves the exploration and financial evaluation of a 600,000 TPY Potash Plant, producing Sulphate of Potash (SOP) through the use of Solution Mining technology and Solar Evaporation Ponds.

After completing a positive Scoping phase, Novopro has been mandated by Yara International ASA to advance the Project further by performing a Definitive Feasibility Study. Alongside the necessary Testwork, Design and Estimation elements of the Study, Novopro continues with an integrated approach to all facets of the Project’s management and development. In addition, Novopro is leading the design, construction and operation of a two full-scale solution mining pilot wells in the Dallol region, as part of the Study.

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Minmet Financing Company was developing a magnesium and purified silica production facility, namely the Rusmag Project, in the city of Asbest, located in the Sverdlovsk region of the Ural.

The project utilizes abundant raw materials which exist in the region in the form of magnesium silicate, is highly pure and available at the required size fraction. The Rusmag project has been successful in developing and engineering extractive technologies for the leaching of magnesium silicate ore. This technology has been demonstrated at a pilot and semicommercial scale in the Rusmag pilot plant, and thus provides the opportunity to extract not only magnesium metal and compounds from the ore, but also silicates. This unique leaching technology, which has been developed specifically for this raw material, leaches magnesium as magnesium chloride, leaving the silicate (SiO2) in a form that is much more reactive, and readily transformable into an added value material, such as fumed or precipitated silica.

Minmet Financing Company

Novopro was mandated to verify the previous estimated capital expenditure, which resulted in the knowledge that this plant would cost substantially more capital. It was therefore requested that NOVOPRO embark on a value engineering phase, reducing capital where permitted, to attempt to reach as near as possible the previous estimate leading to a revised capital estimation, and completion of the documentation necessary for project financing discussions to proceed with interested equity and debt parties.

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IOC Labrador

IOC LabradorThe Project involved mobilizing on site to assist in re‐aligning the ongoing project due to the budget and schedule forecast to complete the following areas:

  • PODS (parallel ore delivery system)
  • Crushing
  • Grinding
  • Screening
  • Wet concentration
  • Balling

Novopro’s role was to be injected and take charge of the projects. Novopro was given complete authority with responsibility over the CM teams in order to meet milestones through implementation of controls and strategies.

Novopro's Mandate included:

  • Construction Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Implement LEAN board strategy
  • Oversee the Design Team
  • Troubleshoot
  • Investigate Defeciencies/Shortfalls
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Schedule Review
  • Workers Camp Optimization
  • Weekly Status Updates to Management

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IOC Sept Iles

Demolition of Concentrator and Pellet Plant Building Project involved the demolition of the buildings, equipment and infrastructure at the plant site, with the residual value of the equipment and structural steel removed from the site used to finance the project.

Novopro's Role in the Project

IOC Sept IlesImplementation of Rio Tinto Standards for:

  • Project Execution Procedures
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Safety Procedures
  • Reporting Procedures

Restructuring of site supervision team, including:

  • Contract Administration
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Site Health and Safety
  • Schedule Review
  • Workers Camp Optimization
  • Weekly Status Updates to Management

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Kazan Soda Maden Enerji Nakliyat Sanayi Ve Tic A.Ş. A.Ş (Kazan Soda) is owned by Ciner Group, one of the biggest investment groups of Turkey. This new project involves the construction of a new Dense Soda Ash & Sodium Bicarbonate Process Plant in the Kazan Province of Turkey, approximately 35 km North-West of Ankara. This new project will use solution mining to extract the ore. The Ciner Group holds the mining license for Natural Trona Mine Area.

Kazan, Sodium Carbonate, Bicarbonate Mining and Production Plant

The new Dense Soda Ash & Sodium Bicarbonate Process Plant Facility will have a net production capacity of 5 x 500 000 t/y of Dense Soda Ash and 2 x 100 000 t/y of Sodium Carbonate. The necessary thermal and electrical power shall be provided from natural gas fired cogenera)on power plant to be constructed in the neighborhood by Ciner Group.

Novopro has been engaged by Kazan Soda as owner’s engineer preparing documenta)on related to process design and EPC packages for the implementation stages.

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Encanto Potash Project

Encanto Resources is developing a potash project located approximately 100 kilometers (km) north-northeast of Regina, namely The Muskowekwan prospect. Novopro Projects Inc. has been involved in completing a scoping study for Encanto in 2011 and is mandated to prepare a pre-feasibility study which was initiated in March 2012.

The project is planning to use solution mining to recover potash from the ore body. The potash is then processed by evaporation and crystallization producing at least 2.5 million tons of granulated and standard product, which will be shipped by rail primarily to the west coast for export shipping.


In addition to preparing all the engineering aspects of the project Novopro is charged with coordinating all other contractors including testing, mining, and environment.

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InterContinental Potash Project

InterContinental Potash Corp (IC Potash), intends to become a primary producer of Sulphate of Potash (SOP) and Sulphate of Potash Magnesia (SOPM) by mining its 100% owned potash Ochoa property in southeast New Mexico, USA. IC Potash's Ochoa property consists of over 100,000 acres of federal subsurface potassium prospecting permits and State of New Mexico potassium mining leases. IC Potash has a highly advanced mineral deposit containing total proven and probable reserves of more than 400 million tons of ore within the proposed mine plan. These reserves have an extremely continuous thickness, constant grade, and low dip, and provide the raw material for a long life and low cost specialty fertilizer operation.

InterContinental Potash Project

Novopro has been retained by IC Potash as owner's engineer to carry out process evaluations and to choose an optimum process route for the evaporation crystallization portions of the plant. Novopro will assist further in the Bankable Feasibility Study phase to coordinate and manage all contractors involved in the project including the EPCM contractor.

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Western Potash Project

Western Potash Corp. is a Potash Development Company focused on building Canada's most efficient Potash solution Mine. Having delivered a Robust Company is working toward the completion of a Feasibility Study at its Milestone Project in Saskatchewan, Canada. The company has defined a world-class potash deposit and intends to develop the resource in an ecologically sustainable, economically efficient, and socially responsible manner.

In this regard, Western Potash has engaged AMEC Americas Ltd in Saskatoon to perform a full feasibility study for the techno-economic assessment of a 2,800,000 tonnes of potash per annum solution mining and processing operations, to be located on their Milestone property, approximately 30 km southeast of Regina, Saskatchewan.

Western Potash ProjectNovopro Projects Inc. is engaged as owner's engineer to review, manage and coordinate the feasibility activities.

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Kouilou Potash Plant

Kouilou Potash PlantEngineers at NOVOPRO have been involved with the Kouilou potash project since its inception phase, participating in the potash pre-feasibility study, followed by the completion of the potash bankable feasibility study. The production plant is to have a capacity of 600,000 metric tonnes of potash per year utilizing solution mining technology with a crystallization and compaction plant.

NOVOPRO’s involvement also includes site selection survey, acting on behalf of the Owner’s representative while participating in the selection of process providers, contractors, and key vendors, and bridge engineering/early works activities.

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Quadra Mining Corp (Quadra) and its partner Gareste Ltda in Northern Chile possess an existing small copper processing facility named the GMH Plant. The GMH Plant is located 12 km South of Copiapo, and was constructed and started up in 2006, and operated until 2009 at which point it was mothballed due to low base metal prices and a business slow down.

GMH Copper Processing Facility - Quadra Mining Corp

NOVOPRO was mandated by to prepare an Engineering Assessment and Investigation report on the present state of the GMH processing facility, based on the following:

  • Confirmation of the Capital Cost Estimate in order to bring the plant to an operational state at the nameplate rating of 600 tonnes of Copper Sulfate Crystals per year, and to increase to 1,200 tonnes per year
  • Assessment of the process requirements to include the processing of a mineral rich dust feed stream from a state-owned copper producer (ENAMI)
  • Investigation of the existing Electrowinning section

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Located in the Republic of Congo near the port of Pointe-Noire, the Kanga Potash Project utilizes solution mining technology with a crystallization and compaction plant to produce Muriate of Potash (MOP). The production plant capacity is campaigned into 3 phases to ultimately produce 2,400,000 metric tonnes per year:

Kanga Potash Project - SarminThe plant had the capacity to recycle many types of industrial magnesium scrap, including oily turnings and dross. Our managers and engineers worked closely with the client in the planning and implementation of this project, from the initial concept to the operations stage.

  • Phase I: 400,000 metric tonnes per year
  • Phase II: 800,000 metric tonnes per year
  • Phase III: 2,400,000 metric tonnes per year

NOVOPRO’s involvement included management of and technical support for the exploration drilling campaign, evaluation of the quality of the Resource as well as the completion of the Prefeasibility Study.

Upon completion of the Pre-Feasibility Study, NOVOPRO has been mandated to play a lead role in the Feasibility Study.

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Lake Wells

Lake Wells Potash Project - Australian PotashLocated on the north-eastern margin of the Yilgarn Craton in the southern interior of Western Australia, the Lake Wells Potash Project features brine extraction wells as a method of recovery of natural brine resources present in a local Palaeochannel. Evaporation ponds are used for the recovery of potassium-bearing salts from the extracted brine, which are then harvested and sent to a processing plant for beneficiation to produce potash in the form of potassium sulfate (K2SO4). The production facility will ultimately produce 300,000 metric tonnes of Sulfate of Potash (SOP) per year.

Upon completion of the Scoping Study, NOVOPRO has been mandated to play a lead role in the process design of the main plant and ponds, and the initial basic mechanical design for the Feasibility Study. NOVOPRO will provide resources for the review of specific engineering documents produced by the EPCM contractor engaged directly by Australian Potash.

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DelfzijlLocated on Lake Mackay in Western Australia, the project recovers potassium and sulfate rich salts from an on-lake trench system and uses a series of solar evaporation ponds are used to remove sodium chloride and crystallize the more valuable salts. Salts are recovered from the ponds as a slurry and directed to a processing plant for beneficiation to ultimately produce 426,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer grade Sulfate of Potash (SOP) per year.

NOVOPRO has been mandated to carry out a comprehensive Process review including ponds including reviewing the existing process testwork, pilot pond design and process design in order to develop new testwork programs as well as complete the Metsim modelling for the overall process, pilot and commercial ponds and the mass balance.

This phase will be followed up with a full feasibility study which Novopro will participate in.

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Sevier Playa Potash Project - Crystal Peak MineralsLocated in Millard County Utah, USA, the Sevier Playa Potash Project aims for the production of 300,000 metric tonnes of Sulfate of Potash (SOP) per year utilizing the salt-rich brine of the Sevier Lake Playa. By digging trenches, ground brine is extracted from the Playa and sent to evaporation and harvest ponds, where crude potassium sulfate salts are deposited. The salts are later harvested and sent to the Processing Plant for refining and the production of SOP.

Upon completion of the Feasibility Study, NOVOPRO has been mandated to a leading role in the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) take including all process testwork, completing the Playa constructability and geotechnical programs, as well as completing the Basic Engineering for the Playa, Product Rail Loadout, and Processing plant.

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