Norsk Hydro's Primary Magnesium Production Plant

Located in Bécancour, Canada, Norsk Hydro’s 40,000 tpy primary magnesium production plant project was constructed from 1986 to 1990, and included start-up and improvement phases. Key managers from NOVOPRO were involved in many aspects of this technically challenging and prestigious project. Norsk Hydro

Responsibilities included the design and specifications for the casting facility, including equipment and buildings, as well as the process and layout design for solid waste, water, and gas treatment. The professionals at NOVOPRO were also involved in the construction, start-up, process modifications, and problem solving in all plant areas during and after start up.

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Magnesium Foundry Expansion and Recycling Project

The professionals at NOVOPRO were responsible for the engineering, construction, and start-up of Norsk Hydro’s foundry expansion of a 10,000 tpy scrap recycling project. The foundry expansion also included the design of a new scrap crushing and transport system, molten salt scrap re melting furnace, and an alloy billet air slip direct chill casting unit.

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Magnola Commercial Magnesium Plant

NOVOPRO professionals were involved in all basic engineering aspects of the electrolysis and foundry sections, as well as in the overall plant layout for Magnola’s 63,000 tpy full-scale magnesium plant.

The areas of activities comprised of the design of the electrolysis building included the overall cell hall layout, gas collection, bus bar design, overall electrical insulation philosophy, and the design of the cell relining equipment and building.

Other areas of involvement were in the design of the molten metal transport system, as well as the foundry building, including the salt holding furnaces, crucible alloying furnaces, and the casting machines.

MagnolaPrior to this project, the personnel at NOVOPRO were involved in the detailed engineering, construction, commissioning, and start-up of a $30 million Magnola magnesium Pilot Plant. Responsibilities included the plant layout, design of all mechanical and piping aspects, and detailed design of the cascading leach reactors, molten salt chlorination unit, salt furnace, bus bars, and the electrolyte management system.

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MgCl2 Pyrohydrolysis Pilot Plant

The project comprised of the completion of the feasibility study and detailed design for a pilot plant for the production of high quality MgO using a proprietary fluidized bed pyrohydrolysis technology of magnesium chloride brine.

Due to novel nature of the process, most of the process equipment was designed for fabrication. The plant was designed for operation in several modes with a capacity to produce 1,000 tons of MgO per annum.

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Antheus Integrated Magnesium Facility

The project involved conducting a feasibility study for an integrated magnesium metal production facility to be built in Delfzijl, The Netherlands. The facility included 30,000 tpy primary magnesium production, die casting and recycling facilities, as well as chlorine derivatives production, all within a single industrial site.

The main activities included evaluating the technical and economic viability of the proposed integrated magnesium complex, as well as the evaluation and optimization of the various available technologies for the electrolytic production of magnesium metal using locally available magnesium chloride resources as raw material.

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Magnesium Recycling Plant

The project involved the development, planning, coordination, design, construction, and start-up of a magnesium alloy production and recycling facility using state-of-the-art magnesium metal melting and purification technology. The facility had a production capacity of 10,000 tonnes, producing of a variety of magnesium alloys.

The plant had the capacity to recycle many types of industrial magnesium scrap, including oily turnings and dross. Our managers and engineers worked closely with the client in the planning and implementation of this project, from the initial concept to the operations stage.

DelfzijlThe early phase activities included business plan preparation, capital and operating cost estimates, market studies, and environmental and construction permit applications. In the later stages, we executed the construction of the buildings on a complete turn-key lump sum basis, as well as acted as the main EPCM for the entire project.

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