About Us


Deliver capital efficiency and long-term value to our clients. Sustainability and mitigating risk are what we do throughout the project development, implementation and operation.


Enable our clients to maximize and sustain their investment value from a project's early development stage throughout all its subsequent phases.


Develop a modular and flexible scope with low cost solutions, delivering quality and capital efficiency while effectively managing and mitigated the project risk.


Our focused project development philosophy combined with our technologically innovative solutions translate into a more efficient service delivery method.

Novopro's Management Team

Mazi Rejaee, M.Eng.

Managing Director, CEO

Mazi is the Founder and Managing Director of Novopro with nearly 35 years of project related engineering and development, managing multiple projects from development to implementation in the mining, metallurgical and chemical fields.

Jim Brebner, P.Eng.

Chief Operating Officer

Jim is the Co-Founder and in charge of the companies operations for project delivery, with 35 years of experience in engineering design and project management.

Karyn Patton, MSc.

Chief Financial Officer

Karyn is the Financial Controller, responsible for all financial matters as well as human resources.

Novopro's Board of Directors

Amir Mirchi, Dr. Eng..

Chairman of the Board

With 30 years’ experience, Amir brings a wealth of international experience in the metals, mining and wide range of commodities around investment, M&A transaction, major project and commercial. Prior to leading an international advisory firm “Auryce”, Amir served as Regional Vice President at Rio Tinto for the Middle East and North Africa. Throughout of his professional career with Rio Tinto and Alcan Amir served several other leading positions with also international assignments.

Mazi Rejaee, M.Eng.

Managing Director, CEO

Jim Brebner, P.Eng.

Chief Operating Officer

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